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As a little girl we visited the beach every summer. I always felt a connection to the ocean I couldn’t explain like it was drawing me to the beach.  Year after year I was very upset to leave and go back to life in the city.  I think everyone assumed I would outgrow this fantasy of living by the ocean but I never did.

Once I started a family we found Pleasure Island and began taking vacations here two and three times per year. As luck would have it my girls loved the ocean as much as their father and I did. We had the flexibility to move so we made the decision to move here full time.  At the time the girls were only in grade school and that little white school house called Carolina Beach Elementary was a perfect easy transition for them.  The people of the island are so warm and welcoming which made it such an easy move.

I grew up visiting much more commercialized beaches so I was pleasantly surprised that we found Carolina and Kure Beaches. That is when we really realized all beaches are not the same and our little island has so much to offer other than just time on the beach.  So many activities like surfing, wind surfing, deep sea and in shore fishing, paddle boarding and kayaking just to name a few.  Our beautifully remodeled boardwalk area has a new arcade, shops and dining all ocean side.

The beauty of nature is all around us. We have miles of intracoastal  area that are home to all sorts of coastal wildlife including many endangered species.  If you are a birdwatcher you will love exploring the small islands and marshes that are nesting areas for many protected birds.  Our beaches are also on the northern end of east coast beaches that are nesting areas to the Loggerhead sea turtles as well as occasionally a Leatherback or Green turtle.

This beautiful island is also full of local history. At the southern tip of the island is historic Ft. Fisher the last confederate stronghold of the civil war.  The grounds are beautiful and are a great place for a sunset stroll along the river.

Just south of the Ft. Fisher Museum is the Ft. Fisher Aquarium which is an awesome rainy day trip. Here you will learn all about the local flora and ocean/swamp animals that are local to our area.  This is a great day trip for the kids.

Also at the south end of the island is the Ft. Fisher/Southport ferry. You can travel on the ferry over to historic Southport for a day.  Also located in Ft. Fisher is the basin where there is a variety of activities including:  fishing, crabbing, kayaking, wind-surfing and bird watching.

Over the next few entries I hope to share some of the local businesses and more of our island history with you. Stay tuned…more on CB and KB coming soon!

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